Workshop: Artistic Expression for Activating Self Discovery, Inner Guidance & Creative Solutions

The Satellite Felton Event Space
June 16th 2018
10:00 AM – 1:30 PM PTD

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This lovingly-facilitated workshop is for you to gain:

A Fresh Perspective
You seek an expanded understanding of a specific situation/area of life.
Divine Guidance From Within
You have a spiritual approach to life.
New Tools For Creativity-Based Decision-Making & Strategic Life Planning
You want to harness the process of creativity and the powers of your right-brain and heart
to guide you toward greater insight and inspired action.
You don’t know your options.

You know your options, but they have equal weight and you cannot make a final decision.
An Opening To Action
You feel stuck, confused or overwhelmed.
Direction & Confidence Amidst Uncertainty
You are in a major life transition.

No artistic experience or expertise required