Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Join us on December 14th 10 am-3pm at The Satellite for merriment and joy!

The Salvation Army Angel Tree program is a holiday program designed to raise in-kind gifts to assist families who are in crisis as a result of medical issues, unemployment, homelessness, or other difficult circumstances and who otherwise wouldn’t have the resources to celebrate Christmas.

Companies, families, and other groups who wish to participate as donors in The Salvation Army Angel Tree program are provided with Angel Tree tags. These tags can be placed on a Christmas tree as if they were ornaments, or they can be distributed to donors by other means. Employees, customers, and/or guests then take a tag and purchase the item(s) requested.

If you choose to participate in the program please have all items purchased by Friday, December 14th. We will be placing them under our Christmas tree, dawning our ugliest Christmas sweaters, hanging ornaments and serving hot chocolate.