Non-profit Orientation January 2019

Video is a great way to keep your donors up to date, your volunteers motivated and the community engaged. Find out how to use CTV’s resources to better market your message to volunteers, donors and the community.


  • Broadcast your ideas and events to the community with our Community Calendar.
  • Learn how to make an effective video PSA.
  • Let CTV help record your PSA at our PSA Day each month.
  • Get tips on how to use a smart phone to record your own video.
  • Upload your videos to play on our channels and the internet.


We’ll cover all of this and more at our Non-profit Orientation on Wednesday January 16th from 10 AM to 12 PM.

Channel your energy into the best ways to be heard – video!

Venue:   CTV / Satellite Studio


325 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, California, 95062, United States